The Arizona racetrack at Arizona Downs first held racing in 1948 near Scotsville and operated under the name of Ingleside Turf Club. The track was in direct competition with another Arizona racetrack, Turf Paradise. In 1954 Arizona Downs planned to enlarge its current track, but it became clear that there would be a conflict of racing interest with the nearby Turf Paradise, who were planning to build a new track. It would clearly not be beneficial for both to host meetings on the same day, so the compromise solution was that they should share a racetrack, Turf Paradise, each operating for half of the racing year. This was agreed and worked for a number of years until Turf decided to try to introduce a new company into the equation. This new company would try to run racing at Turf Paradise in the half year that would have been allocated to Arizona Downs. And so to court!

I am grateful to our American Racing Correspondent Richard Gauthier for the scan shown below:-

I am grateful to Jon Seddon for the link below, locating the original Arizona Downs racetrack. It is situated to the South West of Scottsville.
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