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It is believed that racing took place on the Agram Plains in Bangalore as early as 1855. The military forces decided that racing should be moved from this venue to a new course at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, but this was not an ideal venue and further work was done on securing a more suitable place. This proved to be the 'High Grounds' for which a perpetual lease was granted by 'The Government of His Highness' in 1915.
BAN3.JPG (65318 bytes) The Bangalore Race Club was formed in 1920 and took over the running of the course from the previous control group, the Race Club and Stewards of Bangalore Races. BAN4.JPG (70417 bytes)
Racing continued throughout the 20's, 30's and 40's but had to be suspended during the hostilities of World War II, with the military needing to use the site.
BAN5.JPG (65985 bytes) By 1951the Stewards of Bangalore Races had met with 2 other prominent groups to try to form a South India Turf Club to manage the racecourses at Bangalore, Secunderabad and Madras. This club was eventually formed in 1953 and remained together for 13 years before Madras became independent.

It was in 1967, on the 20th November, that Bangalore Race Club changed their name to the present Bangalore Turf Club.

The club celebrated two historic milestones in 1980 and 1995 with their Diamond and Platinum Jubilees.

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