The Alabama racecourse at Birmingham was operational for horse racing in the 1980s run under the administration of Birmingham Turf Club. It was situated on Derby Parkway to the East of Birmingham, just off John Rogers Drive.
The inaugural meeting was held on 3rd March 1987 with the running of the Birmingham Inaugural Stakes. A month later the first Alabama Derby was contested at the track on 11th April and drew a crowd in excess of 13,000. However, within a few short months crowd sizes decreased and the track became financially challenged. It had been granted 175 race days in the year but still ran at a loss of over $50 million and the owners filed for bankruptcy in November 1988. An application was made to host greyhound racing at the track, but this was initially declined and the track closed. It reopened on 26th May 1989 and rebranded as Birmingham Race Course. It was delighted by the local response when over 15,000 attended that first meeting. However, once again the crowds started to become depleted and the administration finally called time in 1991.

The track closed its gates to horse racing in 1991 and today remains a thriving greyhound track.
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