Badges through the decades

Brief History


First records of a National Hunt meeting taking place at Bangor on Dee on 12th February. The meeting was founded by the members of the Sir Watkin Williams Wyn Hunt.


A famous day in Bangor’s history, with Fred Archer riding his first winner, Maid of Trent, in the Galloway Steeplechase. At the time of riding the winner he was just 12 and weighed 4st 11 lb and he was in his first season as apprentice to the trainer Matt Dawson.


Gamecock triumphs in a Steeplechase at Bangor prior to gaining Grand National success at Aintree.


Cloister uses a steeplechase at Bangor as a warm up race before winning the Grand National under the mammoth weight of 12 st 7 lbs.


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Major Gilbert Cotton succeeds his father as Clerk of the Course. He is remembered by the Gilbert Cotton Memorial Hunters Steeplechase.


The course becomes enclosed for the first time, a measure which was deemed to be necessary since a previous meeting had to be abandoned because of overgrazing by cattle.


The first effort to provide cover at the meeting when 3 large wooden buildings were purchased from the Cheshire Showground, using a grant of 8000 from the Levy Board.


The first Race Club members badges were issued at the course

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