Badges through the decades

Brief History


Although there are references to racing in the area around Catterick prior to this year, the first race meeting to take place on the present day course was on 22nd April.


Mr Ferguson, a local racehorse breeder and publican of The Bridge, situated at the rear of the course and previously named the George & Dragon, ran Antonio to win in the St Leger of this year at 33/1. His previous claim to fame was to ensure racing continued to take place at Catterick, even on days when it snowed, by sending his flock of sheep around the course to melt the snow.


Catterick Bridge tokens are produced (see scan from Richard English shown opposite).


Charges are made for the first time for the general public. Previously only those using the stand were charged an entrance fee.


First grandstand is completed and opened in this year, after local cottages are demolished to make way for the stand.

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The Catterick Racecourse Company is formed and immediately begin the work of improving the jumping course.





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Major Leslie Petch takes over as Clerk of the course.


Willie Carson’s first winner, Pinkers Pond, is at Catterick on 19th July.


John Sanderson, nephew of Leslie Petch, takes over as Clerk of the Course and Managing Director.

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