Badges through the decades

Brief History


First records of the Herefordshire Hunt meeting taking place on 27th August at Hereford racecourse.


A disappointing day in the history of the course when the horse Edwin was brought down by a disapproving crowd and caused its owner, Mr Darling, to not return to the course.


First records of a hurdle race taking place at the course.


The Royal Plate takes place for the only time at the course and is won by Fisherman. This was a remarkable horse who competed in 35 races during the year, and was triumphant in 22 of them.


The September meeting is the last recorded Flat race meeting at Hereford.



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Racing ceases due to the Second World War.


Racing resumes and a race company is formed to take over the racecourse and the organization of the race meetings from the Council.


A famous day in Hereford racecourses history. There were so many runners declared that the races had to be divided into divisions and led to a 14 race programme.


A new era for the club in selling joint membership with Chepstow.

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