Badges through the decades

Brief History


Pre 1800

Early racing at Redcar took place on the sands. This worked well until the Jockey Club decided that all races had to have a prize of at least 50. Given that Redcar could not charge spectators on the sand, the meeting became unviable.


The Redcar Race Committee is formed.


The present day course holds its first meeting under the Chairmanship of A.H.T.Newcomen.


The Recar and Coatham Company arrange for the first grandstand to be erected at the course.




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Major Les;ie Petch is appointed Clerk of the Course and Redcar begins to make rapid progress.


The first running of the Vaux Gold Tankard.


The new grandstand, built with money provided by the Levy Board, was opened.


Provideo sets a modern day record of 16 two year old wins by winning a 2-y-old race on 1st November.


A Royal winner at the course when Prncess Anne rode Gulfland to a five length victory in the Mommessin Stakes.

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