Badges through the decades

Brief History


Early evidence of a racecourse in the vicinity of Ripon at Bondgate Green.


Racing continues in the Ripon area at Monckton Moor.


Ripon starts a trend when the first race for Lady riders is won by Mrs Aislabie.


Records clearly show that meetings took place at Ripon Common on the 12th and 13th September. It is equally clear that the races presented a significant physical challenge for horses, with many heats and a final being run over a four mile course.


A new course is opened on Red Bank, with a stand being constructed in 1870 to house the large race crowds. The site and grandstand is currently being used by Ripon Cathedral School.


The Ripon Race Company is founded.



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The local dignitaries were the Vyner family who owned Newby Hall. They owned The Lambkin, who won the St Leger in this year, and they also had their owned Grandstand built on the new course once it opened.


The 6th August marks the first occasion when a race meeting takes place on the present day course, nicknamed Yorkshire’s Garden Racecourse.

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