Brill Punters Club Cup Final Competition Saturday 21st May 2016


Members must predict the team which will lift the cup and the time of the first goal.
Correctly predicting the winning team = 50 points
Correctly predicting the time of the first goal = 120 points (Lose 1 point for every minute you are out)
e.g. If Crystal Palace win the Cup and the first goal is scored in the 30th minute, but you predict
Crystal Palace with a goal in the 50th minute then you would score 50 + 100 = 150

Note that if no goal is scored by the end of extra time then the time of the first goal is deemed to be 120 minutes.

Winners Prize 2 Free Shares

Congratulations to Steve who wins 2 free shares.

Member Winning Team Time of First goal Points
Denzil Underwood Manchester United 13 mins  
Glynis Shorten Manchester United 41 mins  
Patrick Shorten Crystal Palace 63 mins  
Melissa Shorten Crystal Palace 22 mins  
Barry Downing Manchester United 19 mins  
Penny Mitchell Manchester United 8 mins  
Steve Ledingham Manchester United 55 mins  
Roland Tingey Manchester United 20 mins  
John Slusar1 Manchester United 25 mins  
Martin Bailey1 Manchester United 48 mins  
John Slusar2 Crystal Palace 38 mins  
John Slusar3 Manchester United 38 mins  
Martin Bailey2 Manchester United 10 mins