Brill Gravity Race Competition 2016

Sunday 28th August 2016

All donations to Cancer Research

This raised £200 (£250 after Gift Aid)


Nominate the fastest and second fastest carts in correct order.

Minimum DONATION per entry £2

Prize for the first all correct entry drawn out A MAGNUM OF BUBBLY

Email entries to

ANDREW Tim (5th) 4/1
ASHLEY Si (NR) 5/1
BENTLEY Ben Jnr (8th) 20/1
BROOM James (DNF) 16/1
COOLE Adrian (DNF) 8/1
DEELEY Bill (2nd) 12/1
GLOVER Toby (3rd) 25/1

This downhill gravity race for go-kart type contraptions takes place at Brill on Sunday.

Contestants register their carts at 9.30am at The Pointer

Race starts at 11.00am with one run per cart

Prize presentation at The Pointer at 1.30pm

HUGHES John Jnr (DNF) 10/1
KINGSBURY Jake (9th) 50/1
LOFT Chris (1st) 2/1 fav
MISSELBROOK James (10th) 33/1
PILE Steve (7th) 7/1
SHEPHERD Andrew (6th) 9/1
SPEAKE Duncan (4th) 5/2
TURNBULL Rupert (11th) 25/1
ANDREW Tim:-Rating 120 Won twice before and always on the podium apart from 2015 when he crashed.
ASHLEY Si:-Rating 115 The inaugural race winner and certain of a top 5 finish.
BENTLEY Ben jnr:-Rating 90 Extremely competitive newcomer who could be anything.
BROOM James:-Rating 92 Newcomer who threatens to do well.
COOLE Adrian:-Rating 112 Strong, cool, veteran performer who is likely to threaten the winners podium.
DEELEY Bill:-Rating 95 Very competitive first timer who may need some beginners luck.
GLOVER Toby:-Rating 88 A newcomer relying more on a robust kart than a robust body.
HAYES NEWINGTON Charles:-Rating 98 Newcomer, Charlie by name and .......
HOWDEN David:-Rating 80 Fun loving, adrenalin junky who I'm told, by him, looks good in leather.
HUGHES John jnr:-Rating 100 Newcomer who is more than likely to cause a surprise.
KINGSBURY Jake:-Rating 82 Fill in the kart crash assessment risk form before backing him.
LOFT Chris:-Rating 125 Extremely pacy previous winner who declined to enter in 2015 to give others a chance.
MISSELBROOKE Jamie:-Rating 80 Never been last, never won, unlikely to change this year.
PILE Steve:-Rating 110 Top 5 performer last year and another strong performance anticipated.
SHEPHERD Andrew:-Rating 108 The good shepherd is a spectacular, angelic performer who seems to have wings.
SPEAKE Duncan:-Rating 122 First last year and is certain to threaten again this year.
TURNBULL Rupert:-Rating 85 Always good for a laugh, but you'll cry if you back him.
There were some ingenious erections on the day, but surely the mightiest erection of them all was Tim Andrew's.
Entrant First Second
Gareth Hamilton Chris Loft Toby Glover
Jink Morris-Adams Chris Loft Duncan Speake
Richard Morris-Adams Duncan Speake Chris Loft
Willie Underwood Tim Andrew Si Ashley
Denzil Underwood Chris Loft Steve Pile
Jemma Cawston Pile Steve Pile Bill Deeley
Chris Bidgood Adrian Coole Duncan Speake
Nicola Wallbank Adrian Coole John Hughes jnr
Jan Haseldine Adrian Coole Ben Bentley jnr
Liz Speake Duncan Speake Chris Loft
Nick Wheelan Duncan Speake David Howden
Sarah Coole Duncan Speake Adrian Coole
Mark Harnett Duncan Speake Toby Glover
Atti Hue-Williams Chris Loft David Howden
C Beadon Chris Loft David Howden
Simon Ashley Chris Loft David Howden
Lesley Shaw Chris Loft Duncan Speake
Valerie Evans James Misselbrook David Howden
Suzanne Winkels Chris Loft Duncan Speake
George Whittaker John Hughes jnr Steve Pile
John Slusar Chris Loft Duncan Speake
Tijmen Phipps Toby Glover Steve Pile
Fi Howden Chris Loft Duncan Speake
Sarah Speake Chris Loft Duncan Speake
John Speake Chris Loft Duncan Speake
Cheryl Brookes David Howden Adrian Coole
Will Deeley Bill Deeley Chris Loft
R Wasey Steve Pile Toby Glover
Simon Calcutt Steve Pile Si Ashley
Carly Storey Tim Andrew Chris Loft
Lydia Phillips Tim Andrew Chris Loft