The Pennsylvania racetrack of Commodore Downs was situated at Fairview Township in Erie County and first opened its gates to racing in 1973. It had a racing surface of 6 furlongs, with racing being administered by the Lakeland Racing Association who offered low quality racing for relatively small purses. Within 7 years crowd sizes had depleted and the track was financially challenged.

In January 1980 Franciszek Jarecki, a local Industrialist, purchased the track for $600,000 and had high hopes of bringing in a new team to manage the races. However, he was thwarted in the courts, and Lakeland continued to organise the racing. During the next 3 years the crowds continued to decrease and the track ran up losses of $1.8 million. This forced the track to close in 1983.
Although attempts were made to reopen the track for harness racing in 1984, and a renaming to Erie Downs in 1986, the track closed its gates for the last time in 1988. Today little evidence of the former track remains, with the land being covered by an industrial park.
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