The Ohio racetrack of Cranwood first opened its gates for racing in 1948 and was situated on the north side of Miles Avenue, near to both of its racecourse neighbours Thistledown and Randall Park. However, it is thought that at least one earlier track existed in the area. The 'Cranwood Racing Park' is thought to have been to the west of the better known track, but is now covered by residential housing. Furthermore, in the early part of the 20th century, circa 1918, a half mile track called 'Cranwood Driving Park' was formed on a farm in South Newburg.
One of the main races in the 1950s was the 6 and a half furlong 'Gray Ghost Gallop' which was won on 18th September 1958 by Rip Luck, owned by D E Smith, trained by C.Alongi and ridden by R.Venne. I am grateful to the trainer's son Gino Alongi for the photo shown above. One of the best trainers at the track was Ben Stutts. The photo shown above, which is of Sid's Pride winning the Bruce MacDonald Purse over 6 1/2 furlongs on 18th September 1957, was trained by Ben. It was owned by S A Alexander and ridden by J S Smith

Ben Stutts was the trainer of Flighty Lad, shown below winning a 6 furlong race on 11th September 1957. Once again Flighty Lad was owned by S A Alexander.

A memorable night for Bobbie Cook holding Samsolite, shock 45/1 winner at Cranwood. The horse was owned by Betty Steanns, ridden by Dwight Cox and trained by J.F. Santantonio. Bobbie Cook states that she is the girl in the foreground holding the horse; she admits she had short hair then and looked more like a boy. A fantastic photo nonetheless.
The final meeting took place on 31st October 1962 and consisted of a nine race card, culminating in the running of the $2000 Appreciation Day Handicap over 6 furlongs.There is little evidence of the previous existence of a racecourse, the land now being covered by Cranwood Parkway Industrial site.
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