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The greyhound track in the Essex town of Dagenham was situated on the Ripple Road and operated under NGRC rules from 1930. The stadium was situated at 1° 53' W 50° 45' N. The track had a circumference of 380 yards and held Standard races over 460 yards and distance races over 650 yards. Before the Second World War they also ran 460 yard hurdle races and 550 yard races. The track closed for redevelopment in 1938 and reopened again in 1939.

The Essex track of Dagenham was the scene of one of the most audacious coups of all time. Betting shops had barely been legalised for 3 years when a group of well organised punters attempted one of the best constructed coups in the history of greyhound racing. They selected the 4.05 race at Dagenham on Tuesday 30th June 1964, a race over the marathon distance of 840 metres. Three of the runners were unfancied at 25/1, 33/1 and 33/1, so it seemed as though it rested between traps 1,5 and 6, the 4/6 favourite Dancing Nell, the quietly fancied 2/1 Buckwheat and the third choice Handsome Lass at 9/2.

The members of the 'team' on the track completely dominated the tote windows and put huge sums on all combinations apart from 1&5 reversed, 1& 6 reversed and 5 & 6 reversed. They put just the one single bet on the 3 fancied reverse forecasts.

The members of the 'team' off the track backed the fancied reversed forecasts in a significantly large number of betting shops and awaited the results.

In the event Buckwheat ran out the easy 8 length winner in 48.78 secs from Handsome Lass with the favourite only managing fourth. The tote paid a massive 9867.59 for a 10 pence stake. Bookmakers off course had been stung and had huge liabilities.

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The Big Bookmakers refused to pay out on the final result and declared the race null and void, although many of the smaller and independent bookmakers paid up, especially to their regular punters.

The track closed within the year in March 1965.

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Track Records, as of 1947, are shown below together with an indication of how fast the time is in comparison to other tracks, both for currently open and defunct tracks, in the UK. Ratings are between 0 and 100, where 100 is an extremely fast time and reflects the speed of the track, tightness of the circuit and quality of greyhound visiting the tracks. I am grateful to Tony Nash for providing the data.
SPRINTS (up to 385m) STANDARD (386-549m) DISTANCE (550-699m) EXTENDED (700-999m)
Dagenham Track Records at a snapshot in time:-
STANDARD 460 yards Record For Iris 26.45 secs Rating 3
STANDARD 550 yards Dendera Dera 32.66 secs Rating 1
DISTANCE 650 yards Light Biddy 38.07 secs Rating 6

I am grateful to Jon Seddon for the following link to a map showing the whereabouts of the old track

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