This was run on Wednesday 8th May 1788 and 11 ran, although there were initially 30 subscribers. It took place over a mile and a half and the winners prize was £971 15s, the equivalent of £1,280,000 today. The winner was bred by Mr Dawson and trained by Frank Neale.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SIR THOMAS William South HRH Prince of Wales
2 AURELIUS ----- Lord Grosvenor
3 FEENOW ----- Lord Barrymore
4 ALTAMONT ----- Lord Foley


----- Mr Fox
Also BROTHER TO COWSLIP ----- Duke of St Albans
Also STAR ----- Mr Taylor
Also PONTO ----- Lord Clermont
Also GOLIATH ----- Duke of Queensberry
Also CONSTANS ----- Mr Lade
Also COLT BY JUPITER ----- Mr Hull
5/6 Sir Thomas
5/2 Aurelius