This was run on Thursday 14th May 1807 and 13 ran from an initial entry of 38. The winner won by a length and claimed a first prize of £1,333 10s, the equivalent of £1,060,000 today. The winner was bred by the 3rd Earl of Egremont and trained by Dixon Boyce.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ELECTION John Arnull 3rd Earl of Egremont
2 GILES SCROGGINS William Clift Mr Wilson
3 CORIOLANUS Wheatley Mr Lake
Also CORSICAN ----- Mr Ladbroke
Also ROSARIO ----- Mr Biggs
Also PIONEER ----- Duke of Grafton
Also MUSICIAN ----- Duke of Grafton
Also MUNGO ----- Mr Delme Radcliffe
Also LEWIS ----- Mr Delme Radcliffe
Also JOB THORNBERRY ----- Lord C.Somerset
Also CHAISE-AND-ONE ----- 3rd Baron Foley
Also COLT BY SIR PETER TEAZLE ----- Sir Frank Standish


----- Lord Darlington
3/1 Election
7/2 Musician
4/1 Job Thornberry
4/1 Giles Scroggins