This was run on Thursday 22nd May 1828 and there were 15 runners from an initial entry of 89. There was a dead heat and this resulted in a run-off which was won by Cadland by half a length. The first prize was £2,600, the equivalent of £1,900,000 today.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CADLAND J.Robinson Duke of Rutland
2 THE COLONEL W.Scott Mr Petre
Also ZINGANEE ----- Mr W.Chifney
Also ALCASTON ----- Mr Benson
Also COLT BY WALTON ----- Mr Payne
Also RIOTER ----- Lord Ailesbury
Also OMEN ----- Duke of Grafton
Also LANCASTRIAN ----- Duke of Grafton
Also NAVARION ----- Lord Grosvenor
Also CHALLENGER ----- Mr Sdaler
Also LAMBTONIAN ----- Mr Houldsworth
Also MERCHANT ----- Mr Thornhill
Also PALEMON ----- Mr Sowerby
Also JOHN DE BART ----- General Grosvenor


----- Mr Heathcote
7/2 The Colonel
4/1 Cadland
10/1 Zinganee
8/1 Colt by Walton
14/1 Lambtonian
18/1 Omen
20/1 Challenger
20/1 Lancastrian
In the run-off they bey 4/5 The Colonel and Evens Cadland.