This was run on Thursday 27th May 1830 and the winner was bred by Sir John Shelley and trained by William Chifney. There were 22 runners from an initial entry of 89. The winner won by 2 lengths and claimed a first prize of £2,800, (The equivalent of £304,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 PRIAM Sam Day Mr William Chifney
2 LITTLE RED ROVER Sam Templeman Mr Ridsdale
3 MAHMOUD John Day Lord Exeter
Also AUGUSTUS G.Dockeray Lord Exeter
Also YOUNG ORION G.Nelson HM The King
Also RED ROVER A.Pavis Lord Exeter
Also CESTUS T.Robinson Sir Mark Wood
Also THE MUMMER G.Edwards Sir Mark Wood
Also BRUNSWICKER W.Scott Mr Petre
Also COLT BY EMILIUS S.Chifney Lord Cleveland
Also CAPTAIN ARTHUR H.Edwards Lord Sefton
Also FIRMAN W.Wheatley Mr Roger
Also ZUCHARELLI T.Goodisson Mr Ramsbottom
Also BURLINGTON W.Arnull Lord G.H.Cavendish
Also PORT S.Darling Mr Tomes
Also BRINE P.Conolly Lord Sligo
Also THRONGROVE G.Calloway Mr Griffith
Also IVANHOE J.Robinson Mr Rush
Also SNOOKS Boyce Sir D.Baird
Also THERMOMETER Chapple Lord Grosvenor
Also RINGLEADER F.Buckle Colonel Wilson


J.Spurr Mr Gully
4/1 Priam
5/1 Little Red Rover
6/1 Young Orion
13/2 Brunswicker
12/1 Augustus
15/1 Captain Arthur
16/1 Mahmoud
17/1 The Mummer
40/1 Brine