This was run on Thursday 19th May 1831 and there were 23 runners from an initial entry of 105. The winner won by 3/4 length to claim a first prize of £3,000, the equivalent of £2,170,000 today. The winner was bred by the 3rd Earl of Egremont and trained by Joe Rogers.


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Remarkably the terms of the race gave the owner of the second placed horse his stake back, but also dictated that the winner should pay 100 sovereigns towards the expenses of the police.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SPANIEL William Wheatley Viscount Lowther
2 RIDDLESWORTH H.Edwards Lord Jersey
3 INCUBUS Wakefield Mr Cooke
Also FERDOUSI F.Buckle Sir G.Heathcote
Also AFRICANUS G.Day Mr Thornhill
Also HOEMUS J.Chapple Lord Exeter
Also CALEB S.Day Mr S.Day
Also CIUDAD RODRIGO T.Lye Duke of Richmond
Also RUBINI F.Boyce Mr Vansittart
Also BRAS DE FER Spring Lord Sligo
Also COLWICK S.Darling Mr Beardworth
Also EXILE W.Macdonald Mr W.Chifney
Also FILLY BY EMILIUS S.Chifney Jnr. Mr W.Chifney
Also CONSCRIPT W.Arnull Lord Egremont
Also SARPEDON Farlow General Grosvenor
Also VESTRIS P.Conolly Lord Verulam
Also COLT BY MIDDLETON W.Scott Lord Chesterfield
Also ROADSTER J.Robinson Mr Rush
Also RATTLER G.Boast Mr Petre
Also PICKPOCKET G.Calloway Sir R.W.Bulkeley
Also AENEAS J.Day Duke of Grafton


G.Edwards Lord Jersey
4/6 Riddlesworth
12/1 Vestris
16/1 Blunderer
20/1 Bras de Fer
25/1 Colt by Middleton
25/1 Roadster
30/1 Colt by Mustachio
50/1 Caleb
50/1 Colwick
50/1 Filly by Emilius
50/1 Spaniel
100/1 Incubus
200/1 Ferdousi
200/1 Africanus
200/1 Hoemus
200/1 Ciudad Rodrigo
200/1 Rubini
200/1 Exile
200/1 Conscript
200/1 Sarpedon
200/1 Rattler
200/1 Pickpocket
200/1 Aeneas
  Over-Round 105%