This was run on Wednesday 30th May 1838 and the winner was bred by Sir Gilbert Heathcote and trained by Ralph Sherwood at Epsom. There were 23 runners from 134 initial subscribers. The winner won by a length and the first prize was £4,005, the equivalent of £2,850,000 today.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 AMATO Jem Chapple Sir Gilbert Heathcote
2 ION A.Pavis Colonel Peel
3 GREY MOMUS J.Day Lord George Bentinck
Also ALBERMARLE J.Holmes Lord Westminster
Also TOM S.Darling Mr Buckley
Also DORMOUSE S.Rogers Mr Worrall
Also CONSERVATOR Mr Forth Mr Forth
Also PHOENIX J.Robinson Lord Jersey
Also D'EGVILLE J.Day Jnr. Lord George Bentinck
Also YOUNG ROWTON S.Chiffney Jnr. Mr Payne
Also BULLION P.Conolly Captain Berkeley
Also THE EARLY BIRD S.Templeman Mr E.Peel
Also DRUM MAJOR G.Edwards Mr Edwards
Also CHEMIST W.Wheatley Duke of Grafton
Also CONSTANTINE T.Lye Sir J.Boswell
Also DAEDALUS Nat Flatman General Grosvenor
Also ORANGE BOY G.Boast Mr Stirling
Also VOLUNTEER E.Edwards Sir J.Mills
Also COLT BY REVELLER Wakefield Mr Bond
Also ST FRANCIS Pettit Jnr. Mr Pettit
Also BLAISE Perren Jnr. Mr Tarleton
Also COBHAM W.Scott Mr Combe


H.Edwards Lord Chesterfield
5/2 Grey Momus
7/2 Cobham
7/1 Phoenix
8/1 D'Egville
13/1 Ion
15/1 Young Rowton
25/1 The Early Bird
30/1 Amato
30/1 Albermarle
40/1 Conservator
40/1 Chemist
50/1 Bullion
1000/15 Drum Major
1000/15 Bretby
100/1 Blaise
100/1 St Francis
100/1 Colt by Reveller
100/1 Volunteer
100/1 Daedulus
100/1 Orange Boy
100/1 Constantine
100/1 Tom
100/1 Dormouse
  Over-Round 123%