This was run on Wednesday 15th May 1839 and the winner was bred by Mr Robert Ridsdale and trained by William Ridsdale. There were 21 runners from an initial entry of 143. The winner won by 2 lengths for a fist prize of £4,100, the equivalent of £2,870,000 today.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BLOOMSBURY Simon Templeman Mr William Ridsdale
2 DECEPTION Trenn Mr Fulwar Craven
3 EUCLID P.Conolly Mr Thornhill
Also DEY OF ALGIERS A.Parvis Colonel Peel
Also DART W.Sadler Mr Sadler
Also MELBOURNE Nat Flatman Captain Williamson
Also DOMINO C.Cotton Lord Albemarle
Also CAESAR J.Robinson Lord Jersey
Also CLARION W.Day Mr S.Herbert
Also THE CORSAIR Wakefield Lord Lichfield
Also THE DRAGSMAN H.Edwards Mr G.Clark
Also VALAINCOURT J.Chapple Sir G.Heathcote
Also AETHUR J.Day Duke of Grafton
Also ILDERIM E.Edwards Lord Jersey
Also BOSPHORUS S.Darling Lord Exeter
Also KING OF KELTON C.Edwards Mr Bowes
Also MONTREAL W.Wheatley Duke of Grafton
Also PEON S.Rogers Mr Worrall
Also SLEIGHT-OF-HAND W.Scott Lord Westminster
Also HYLLUS S.Day Mr Dixon


J.Holmes Mr Eddison
5/1 Sleight-of-Hand
6/1 Euclid
7/1 Caesar
8/1 Clarion
12/1 Deception
16/1 The Corsair
20/1 The Dragsman
24/1 Dart
25/1 Montreal
25/1 Bloomsbury
30/1 Valaincourt
30/1 Melbourne
50/1 Aethur
50/1 Ilderim
100/1 Rory O'More
100/1 Hyllus
100/1 Peon
100/1 Bosphorus
100/1 King of Kelton
100/1 Domino
100/1 Dey of Algiers
  Over-Round 101%