This was run on Wednesday 3rd June 1840 and the winner was bred by Mr Nowell and trained by John Forth. There were 17 runners from an initial entry of 144. The winner won by 1/2 length for a first prize of £3,775, the equivalent of £2,760,000 today.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 LITTLE WONDER William Macdonald Mr David Robertson
2 LAUNCELOT William Scott Lord Westminster
3 DISCORD John Day Jnr. Mr Etwall
Also CONFEDERATE S.Rogers Mr Houldsworth
Also ASSASSIN E.Edwards Lord Albemarle
Also AMURATH Nat Flatman Lord Exeter
Also PATHFINDER G.Nelson Lord Kelburne
Also BOKHARA J.Chapple Sir G.Heathcote
Also SCUTARI S.Darling Lord Exeter
Also MONOPS W.Wakefield Captain Gardnor
Also MULEY ISHMAEL Jem Robinson Lord Jersey
Also COLT BY EMILIUS John Day Duke of Cleveland
Also COLT BY MULEY John Forth Mr Forth
Also ANGELO P.Conolly Lord Orford
Also THEON T.Lye Duke of Cleveland
Also NONGIFTED Simon Templeman Colonel Wyndham


Frank Buckle Sir Gilbert Heathcote
9/4 Launcelot
7/2 Discord
7/2 Assassin
6/1 Theon
20/1 Scutari
20/1 Bokhara
25/1 Pathfinder
28/1 Confederate
30/1 Colt by Muley
40/1 Nongifted
40/1 Angelo
50/1 Little Wonder
1000/15 Muley Ishmael
100/1 Colt by Emilius
100/1 Sophocles
100/1 Monops
100/1 Amurath
  Over-Round 121%