This was run on Wednesday 31st May 1843 and the winner was bred by Mr John Bowes and trained by John Scott at Malton. There were 23 runners from an initial entry of 155. The winner won by 2 lengths to claim a first prize of £4,225, the equivalent of £2,840,000 today.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 COTHERSTONE William Scott Mr John Bowes
2 GORHAMBURY Frank Buckle Colonel Charrettie
3 SIRIKOL G.Edwards Sir G.Heathcote
Also GAPER S.Rogers Lord George Bentinck
Also KHORASSAN J.Chapple Sir G.Heathcote
Also COTORNIAN S.Mann Mr Bateman
Also FAKEAWAY Bartholomew Mr Combe
Also A BRITISH YEOMAN Simon Templeman Mr J.Brown
Also GAMECOCK Nat Flatman Mr T.Taylor
Also NEWCOURT Whitehouse Mr Griffith
Also GENERAL POLLOCK Marlow Mr Mostyn
Also DUMPLING J.Holmes Mr Yarborough
Also PARTHIAN F.Butler Lord Chesterfield
Also WINESOUR Hesseltine Mr Bell
Also AMEER S.Darling Lord Westminster
Also HUMBUG W.Macdonald

Mr Theobald

Also HIGHLANDER J.Day Jnr. Mr Theobald
Also MAGNA CHARTA W.Boyce Mr Baxter
Also MURTON LORDSHIP Crouch Colonel Wyndham
Also ARISTIDES J.Robinson Lord Eglinton
Also HOPEFUL Bell Mr Gratwicke
Also COLT BY ST PATRICK W.Wakefield Lord Orford


S.Chifney Jnr. Mr Thornhill
13/8 Cotherstone
5/1 Gaper
14/1 Newcourt
15/1 Gamecock
18/1 General Pollock
20/1 Winesour
28/1 Dumpling
30/1 Elixir
30/1 Aristides
30/1 Parthian
30/1 A British Yeoman
50/1 Sirikol
50/1 Ameer
66/1 Magna Charta
66/1 Gorhambury
66/1 Humbug
66/1 Colt by St Patrick
100/1 Khorassan
100/1 Highlander
100/1 Cortonian
100/1 Fakeaway
100/1 Murton Lordship
100/1 Hopeful
  Over-Round 108%