This was run on Wednesday 25th May 1853 and the winner was bred by Mr John Bowes and trained by John Scott at Malton. There were 28 runners from an initial entry of 194. The winner won by a neck in 2 mins 55.5 secs, with a head between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £4,450, the equivalent of £2,970,000 today.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 WEST AUSTRALIAN Frank Butler Mr John Bowes
2 SITTINGBOURNE S.Rogers Duke of Bedford
3 CINEAS Bumby Mr Powney
4 RATAPLAN Wells Mr Howard
5 RATTLE E.Sharp Mr J.Alying
6 HONEYWOOD J.Osborne Mr Surtee
7 NINNYHAMMER R.Sly Captain D.Lane
8 FILBERT Norman Lord Exeter
Also ORESTES Charlton Baron Rothschild
Also THE MAYOR OF HULL J.Holmes Lord Londesborough
Also STONE PLOVER W.Abdale Count Batthyany
Also MR SYKES Bartholomew Mr E.R.Clark
Also PHAROLD R.Pettit Mr Mare
Also IONIC Hornsby Mr Perren
Also UMBRIEL Templeman Lord Derby
Also PHAROS Nat Flatman Duke of Richmond
Also CHEDDAR A.Day Lord Clifden
Also PRINCE LEOPOLD W.Sharpe Lord Caledon
Also BROCKET Thick Mr B.Way
Also TALFOURD Basham Mr Knowles
Also ORINOCO J.Marson Mr J.M.Stanley
Also LASCELLES W.Day Mr Howard
Also ETHELBERT Crickmere Mr Oliver
Also FIOUN-MA-COUL Wynne Mr Rowan
Also BARBATUS G.Whitehouse Lord Glasgow
Also VANDERDECKEN C.Marlow Lord Eglinton


H.Neale Mr Wilkins
6/4 West Australian
6/1 Honeywood
7/1 Orestes
8/1 Sittingbourne
20/1 Umbriel
20/1 Pharos
20/1 Cineas
25/1 Ninnyhammer
30/1 Peggy
30/1 Rataplan
50/1 Cheddar
50/1 Barbatus
50/1 Orinoco
50/1 Brocket
100/1 Filbert
100/1 Vanderdecken
100/1 Rattle
100/1 Coomburland Stathesmon