This was run on Wednesday 4th June 1862 and the winner was bred by Mr William Blenkiron and trained by Robert Smith at Harpenden. There were 34 runners from an initial entry of 233. The winner won by a neck in 2 mins 45.5 secs, with 1/2 a length between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £6,675, the equivalent of £3,970,000 today.


For the first time since 1807 the conditions of the race changed so that colts now carried 8st 10lbs and fillies 8st 5lbs. The owner of the second horse continued to be paid 100 Sovereigns from the stakes, whilst the winner had to foot the bill for 50 Sovereigns to the judge and 100 Sovereigns for policing.

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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CARACTACUS John Parsons Mr Charles Snewing
2 THE MARQUIS Ashmall Mr S.Hawke
3 BUCKSTONE H.Grimshaw Mr J.Merry
4 NEPTUNUS Bullock Mr Jackson
Also COLT BY STOCKWELL Aldcroft Lord Glasgow
Also COLT BY BARBATUS/BROWN BESS Withington Lord Glasgow
Also THE KNAVE Lynch Mr Merry
Also HARLEQUIN W.Cotton Mr Savile
Also ARGONAUT Wells Sir J.Hawley
Also ST ALEXIS S.Rogers Sir J.Hawley
Also LORD BURLEIGH Chaloner Mr Angell
Also COLT BY VOLTIGEUR J.Mann Lord Chesterfield
Also SURREY J.Reeves Mr Coleman
Also MAHARAJAH Brewty Mr Elphinstone
Also ENSIGN A.Edwards Lord Stamford
Also ALVEDISTON Mr W.Bevill Mr W.Bevill
Also GEMSE Salter Duke of Beaufort
Also STAR OF THE WEST C.Marlow Mr Parr
Also TOLURNO Clement Mr Parr
Also ACE OF CLUBS W.Boyce Lord Annesley
Also MALEK G.Fordham Mr Henry
Also ELLANGOWAN Keeler Mr Ward
Also WELCOME Custance Mr Bowes
Also SCHEHALLION Hibberd Lord St Vincent
Also EXCHEQUER J.Adams Lord Coventry
Also MICHEL GROVE T.Clay Mr South
Also VANGUARD Norman Lord Fitzwilliam
Also ZETLAND J.Osborne Mr Osborne
Also ASHFORD H.Bell Mr Gratwicke
Also BRIGHTON Hughes Mr Thomas
DNF SPITE J.Goater Mr Goater


E.Sharp Baron Rothschild
5/2 The Marquis
100/30 Buckstone
7/1 Neptunus
12/1 Argonaut
12/1 Zetland
100/6 Colt by Stockwell
20/1 St Alexis
25/1 Ensign
100/3 Ace of Clubs
40/1 Caractacus
50/1 Harlequin
50/1 Spite
50/1 Nottingham
50/1 Lord Burleigh
200/3 Colt out of Clarissa
100/1 Star of the West
100/1 Tolurno
100/1 Malek
100/1 Alvediston
100/1 Colt out of Brown Bess
100/1 Gemse
100/1 Surrey
100/1 Colt by Voltigeur
200/1 Norroy
200/1 The Knave
200/1 Welcome
200/1 Ellangowan
200/1 Schehallion
200/1 Exchequer
200/1 Ashford
300/1 Brighton
300/1 Vanguard
300/1 Michel Grove
300/1 Maharajah
  Over-Round 123%