This was run on Wednesday 7th June 1978 and the winner was bred by the 2nd Earl of Halifax and Baron Irwin and trained by John Dunlop. There were 25 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 35.3 secs. The winner won by a head with 1 1/2 lengths between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £98,410, the equivalent of £708,000 today.


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Can you provide a list of the other owners?

The Youtube website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 2 minute 53 second clip of the Derby.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 SHIRLEY HEIGHTS Greville Starkey Lord Halifax
2 HAWAIIAN SOUND Wille Shoemaker  
4 PYJAMA HUNT A Gilbert  
5 OBRAZTSOVY Brian Rouse  
6 JULIO MARINER Edward Hide  
7 WHITSTEAD Brian Taylor  
8 ROLAND GARDENS Frankie Durr  
9 FORMIDABLE Pat Eddery  
10 GOBLIN M L Thomas  
11 ORANGE MARMALADE Philip Paquet  
Also ADMIRALS LAUNCH Willie Carson  
Also EXDIRECTORY Christie Roche  
Also MAJESTIC MAHARAJ Jimmy Bleasdale  
Also SEXTON BLAKE Ernie Johnson  
Also GRACIAS J-C Desaint  
Also COMACHO Tony Murray  
Also HILL'S YANKEE Paul Cook  
Also SON FILS Geoff Lewis  
Also INKERMAN Lester Piggott  
Also BILAL Yves Saint-Martin  
Also TOM STRAUSS Richard Fox  
Also WAREATH Philip Waldron  


A Lequeux  
4/1 Inkerman
8/1 Shirley Heights
8/1 Whitstead
9/1 Sexton Blake
10/1 Admiral's Launch
10/1 Julio Mariner
12/1 English Harbour
15/1 Exdirectory
18/1 Formidable
22/1 Pyjama Hunt
25/1 Hawaiian Sound
25/1 Roland Gardens
33/1 Hills Yankee
40/1 Majestic Maharaj
40/1 Remainder Man
50/1 Bilal
50/1 Son Fils
66/1 Gracias
66/1 Orange Marmalade
100/1 Cainan
100/1 Camacho
100/1 Obraztsovy
200/1 Goblin
500/1 Tom Strauss
500/1 Wareath
Over Round 122%