This was run on Wednesday 6th June 1979 and the winner was bred by Ballymacoll Stud Farm Ltd and trained by Major Dick Hern. The winner won by 7 lengths in a time of 2 mins 36.59 secs. The winner won a first prize of £153,980, the equivalent of £959,000 today


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The Youtube website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 2 minute 14 second clip of the Derby.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 TROY Willie Carson Sir Michael Sobell & Sir Arnold Weinstock
2 DICKENS HILL A.Murray Mrs J.P.Binet
3 NORTHERN BABY Philip Paquet Mrs A.M.d'Estainville
4 ELA-MANA-MOU Greville Starkey Mrs Audry Muinos
Also LYPHARD'S WISH Joe Mercer Mr C.d'Alessio & Mr John R.Gaines
Also HARDGREEN Paul Cook Mr Gordon White
Also MAN OF VISION Bruce Raymond Mr Jerry Sung
Also CRACAVAL Bill Shoemaker Mr A.D.Shead
Also NINISKI John Reid Lady Beaverbrook
Also MILFORD Lester Piggott The Queen
Also NOELINO Christie Roche Lady Elizabeth & Mr E.R.More O'Ferrall
Also TAP ON WOOD Steve Cauthen Mr A.D.Shead
Also MORVETTA Geoff Baxter Quality Castings (Slough) Ltd
Also TWO OF DIAMONDS Ernie Johnson Mr A.D.Shead & Mr R.N.Gordon
Also SON OF LOVE A.Lequeux Mr A.Rolland
Also LAKE CITY Brian Taylor Mr Harry Demetriou
Also NEW BERRY Pat Eddery Mr D.F.Bradstock
Also CHETINKAYA Brian Rouse Mrs A.Hassan


Yves Saint Martin Mr R.E.Sangster
Also LEODEGRANCE Philip Waldron Mrs Kitty Bernard
Also HALYUDH Geoff Lewis Mr R.N.Tikkoo
Also LASKA FLOKO Edward Hide Captain M.Lemos
Also SARACEN PRINCE J Lynch Mr T.J.Myles & Mr Max Fine
9/2 Ela-Mana-Mou
6/1 Troy
15/2 Milford
15/2 Tap On Wood
11/1 Lyphard's Wish
12/1 Noelino
15/1 Dickens Hill
22/1 Cracaval
25/1 Hardgreen
25/1 New Berry
25/1 Two of Diamonds
33/1 Man of Vision
40/1 Laska Floko
50/1 Accomplice
50/1 Lake City
66/1 Northern Baby
80/1 Niniski
200/1 Halyndh
200/1 Son of Love
500/1 Chetinkaya
500/1 Leodegrance
500/1 Morvetta
500/1 Saracen Prince
Over Round 109%