This was run on Wednesday 1st June 1983 and the winner was bred by Mr Eric Moller and the White Lodge Stud and trained by Geoff Wragg. There were 21 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 49.07 secs. The winner won by 3 lengths with a further 3 lengths back to the third. The winner won a first prize of £165,080, the equivalent of £637,000 today.


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Can you provide a list of the other owners?

The Youtube website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 2 minute 47 second clip of the Derby.

Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 TEENOSO Lester Piggott E.B.Moller
3 SHEARWALK Walter Swinburn  
4 SALMON LEAP Pat Eddery  
5 GUNS OF NAVARONE Phillip Robinson  
6 NAAR Joe Mercer  
Also PLURALISME Freddie Head  
Also MORCON Willie Carson  
Also TOLEMEO Gianfranco DEttori  
Also GORDIAN Cash Asmussen  
Also THE NOBLE PLAYER Steve Cauthen  
Also MITLININI Geoff Baxter  
Also NEORION Brian Rouse  
Also WASSL Tony Murray  
Also TIVIAN Sandy Barclay  
Also LOMOND Bill Shoemaker  
Also APPEAL TO ME J Reid  
Also SLEWPY Yves Saint-Martin  
Also HOLMBURY M Miller  
Also ZOFFANY Greville Starkey  


Philip Waldron  
9/2 Teenoso
11/2 Salmon Leap
17/2 Morcon
9/1 Lomond
10/1 Wassl
14/1 Carlingford Castle
14/1 Tolomeo
16/1 The Noble Player
18/1 Pluralisme
18/1 Shearwalk
20/1 Guns of Navarone
25/1 Gordian
28/1 Zoffany
50/1 Yawa
100/1 Naar
100/1 Slewpy
150/1 Neorion
500/1 Appeal To Me
500/1 Mitlini
500/1 Tivian
1000/1 Holmbury
Over Round 113%