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The greyhound stadium of Edmonton opened in the early 1930 and was a flapping track. The track was situated at 0° 3' W 51° 37' N. I am grateful to Patrick Molloy for pointing out that Edmonton greyhound track was located in Eastbonia Avenue, rather than Tramway Avenue in the Tudor Road area of the city. The track at Tramway Avenue was merely a training circuit situated on waste ground. Approximately a mile away from this training ground was Eastbonia Avenue, which is now covered by a housing estate and the Barrowfield Green allotments.┬áNearby is the Jewish cemetery.

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The area became derelict after the track closed in the late 1950s. Patrick fondly remembers the old Greyhound Stadium stand, being saddened when it was deserted in the mid to late 1950s, and ruing the day it was demolished in the early 1960s.

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