The Canadian state of Alberta is the location of the Grande Prairie racecourse of Evergreen Park. Even as early as 1910 Grande Prairie was holding Agricultural and Exhibition shows and by 1911 races were taking place. In those early days the races were run on a course between Bear Creek and the Patterson Store. Races continued until the outbreak of the Second World War. Financial insecurity meant that racing was no longer an affordable pleasure, but more a luxury which the majority could not afford.

Towards the end of the War, in 1943, a horse breeder and hotel owner called Frank Donald attempted to inject new spirit into the racing industry and, in particular, to the Exhibition Fair Grounds. He was prepared to donate his money to upgrade the racetrack and make it suitable for thoroughbred and harness racing. However, it did not prove to be particularly successful.
There was then a period of 30 years without racing, but thoroughbred racing returned in 1969.
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