This was run on the 26th February 1839 with the going deep and weather clear.  The winners time was 14 minutes 53 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 LOTTERY Jem Mason Mr J Elmore
2 SEVENTY FOUR T.Oliver Sir George Mostyn
3 PAULINA Mr Martin Mr Theobald
4 TRUE BLUE Mr Barker Mr Stephenson
5 THE NUN Mr McDonough Lord McDonald
6 RAILROAD Mr Powell Capt Marshall
7 PIONEER Mr T Walker Sir D Baird
also DICTATOR Carlin Mr J S Oswell
also CONRAD Capt. Becher Capt Childe
also CRAMP Wilmot Mr Robertson
also RAMBLER Morgan Mr H S Bowen
also DAXON Mr Ferguson Mr Ferguson
also BARKSTON Byrne Mr Ferguson
also RUST Mr W Donough Mr Ferguson
also CANNON BALL Mr Newcombe Mr Newcombe
also JACK Wadlow Capt Lambe
also CHARITY Hardy Mr Vevers