This was run on the 5th March 1840 with the going good and weather clear.  The winners time was 12 minutes 30 secs.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 JERRY Mr Bretherton Mr Villebois
2 ARTHUR Mr A Donough Mr Barry
3 VALENTINE Mr Power Mr Power
also THE SEA Marquis of Waterford Marquis of Waterford
also LOTTERY Jem Mason Mr Elmore
also SPOLASCO Rose Unknown
also THE NUN Mr Powell Lord McDonald
also COLUMBINE Mr Won Marquis of Waterford
also HASTY Rigg Unknown
also SEVENTY FOUR T Oliver Sir George Mostyn
also WEATHERCOCK Barker Unknown
also THE AUGEAN Christian Unknown
3/1 The Nun
4/1 Lottery
7/1 Seventy Four
8/1 Arthur
10/1 Cruickshank
12/1 Jerry