This was run on the 1st March 1843 with  hard but good going and clear, cold weather.  No time was taken this year.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 VANGUARD T.Olliver Lord Chesterfield
2 NIMROD Scott Mr Mare
3 DRAGSMAN Crickmere Mr Holman
4 CLAUDE DUVAL Tomblin Colonel Anson
also GOBLIN Bretherton Mr Errington
also BUCEPHALUS Whitworth Mr R.Hunter
also LOTTERY J.Mason Mr Elmore
also PETER SIMPLE Frisby Mr W.Ekin
also THE RETURNED Major Campbell Mr W.Stirling Crawford
also CONSUL Oldaker Baron Rothschild
also REDWING Doolan Lord Waterford
also VICTORIA Mr T Taylor Mr T Taylor
also TINDERBOX G.Moore Mr Hunt
also TEETOTUM Mr Kennedy Mr Kennedy
also CROXBY Mr W McDonough Hon. F Craven
also THE ROMP Holingshed Mr Lamplugh
3/1 Peter Simple
4/1 Lottery
4/1 The Returned
8/1 Redwing
10/1 Dragsman
10/1 Nimrod
12/1 Vanguard