This was run on the 4th March 1846 with good going and the weather was clear. The time was 10 minutes 46 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 PIONEER Taylor Mr Adams
2 CULVERTHORPE Rackley Mr Payne
3 SWITCHER Wynne Lord Howth
4 FIREFLY L Byrne Lord Waterford
also EAGLE Captain W Peel Mr C E Brooke
also CURE-ALL Mr W J Loft Mr W J Loft
also REGALIA Doolan Lord Waterford
also GOLDEN PIPPIN Nainby Mr Atkinson
also MAJOR A. Blake Mr Windham
also TROUBADOR G B Rammell Mr Austin
also CARLOW T Olliver Mr G Lambden
also BRENDA Mr Powell Mr Hammond
also TINDERBOX P Daley Mr Robertson
also PETER SIMPLE Frisby Mr Ekin
also HORNINTHARRINO Parker Mr H I Carter
also LANCET Mr W McDonough Mr Hey
also MAMELUKE Mr A McDonough Captain Barnett
also PICKWICK Dally Mr G Lambden
also PERAMBULATOR N Stagg Hon. F Craven
also VELUTI Mason Mr W S Crawford
also THE SCAVENGER Bradley Mr Pearce
also LADY GRAY Thomas Sir R Brownrigg
11/2 Veluti
6/1 Eagle
7/1 Firefly
10/1 Lancet
10/1 Mameluke
12/1 Culverthorpe
12/1 Golden Pippin
16/1 Perambulator
16/1 Cure-All
100/6 Brenda
100/6 Peter Simple
25/1 Major A