This was run on the 3rd March 1847 with good going and the weather was clear. The time was 10 minutes 39 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MATTHEW D.Wynne Mr Courtenay
2 ST.LEGER T Olliver Mr Watt
3 JERRY Bradley Mr Moseley
4 PIONEER Captain Peel Mr O'Higgins
also CULVERTHORPE H.N.Powell Mr D'Arcey
also BRUNETTE Mr A McDonough Mr Preston
also SAUCEPAN Mr W McDonough Mr Power
also BALLYBAR Turner Mr Robertson
also THE FALSE HEIR Wilson Mr Hall
also THE PLURALIST Denby Mr Hall
also FREDERICK Abbot Mr Preston
also LATTITAT Mr Bevill Mr Bevill
also MARENGO Barker Captain Barnett
also CAVENDISH Scott Mr Walter
also AVOCA Capt Broadley Capt Gambier
also ST RUTH Canavan Mr R J Moore
also RED LANCER Lord Strathmore Lord Strathmore
also BARMAID Mr Lockwood Mr Lockwood
also GRENADE Rackley Mr Anderson
also CLINKER Mason Mr Kirkpatrick
also GAYHURST Mr Wesley Mr Wesley
also TRAMP Archer Mr W Hall
also QUICKSILVER Rawson Colonel Taylor
also CUMBERLAND LASSIE Meddock Mr Smith
also VALERIA Dally Mr Oakley
also MIDNIGHT Gardner Mr H B Browne
10/1 Matthew
10/1 Culverthorpe
100/8 Jerry
15/1 St Leger
15/1 Pioneer
15/1 Avoca
20/1 Red Lancer