This was run on the 5th March 1848 with very bad going and it was raining. The time was 11 minutes 21 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CHANDLER Captain Little Captain Little
2 THE CURATE T Olliver Mr Brettle
3 BRITISH YEOMAN Mr Beville Mr Elmore
4 STANDARD GUARD Taylor Mr Storey
also WOLVERHAMPTON Bretherton Mr R H Jones
also SAUCEPAN Abbott Mr W Strickland
also MATTHEW Wynn Mr Courtenay
also JERRY Sanders Mr Mosley
also FATHER MATTHEW Lamplugh Mr W S Crawford
also PIONEER(by Advance) Captain Peel Mr Ouseley Higgins
also THE SWITCHER Lord Strathmore Lord Strathmore
also ASHBERRY LASS Collis Mr J W Haworth
also CHEROOT McGee Mr Davies
also ARISTIDES Rowlands Mr G Beetle
also SIR ARTHUR Murphy Mr Barry
also KHONDOOZ Rackley Mr J Wilson
also SPHIA Ford Sir  R de Burgh
also THE IRISH GUARD Freeze Mr Arthur
also EAGLE J Broome Mr C C Brooke
also PIONEER(by Pioneer) Neale Mr T Harrison
also PICTON Burke Mr J N Burke
also COUNSELLOR Frisby Mr W Coutts
also FORTUNE-TELLER Stagg Mr Kennedy
also THE SAILOR Holman Mr Mason
also THE GYPSY QUUEN Whitfield Lord Anson
also VARIETY Powell Mr C Towneley
also BLUE PILL Allensby Mr E Cary
also SPARTA Turner Mr R Brooke
also NAWORTH Archer Lord Strathmore
6/1 The Curate
8/1 Matthew
12/1 Chandler
15/1 Sir Arthur
100/6 Standard Guard
25/1 Pioneer
25/1 Counsellor
25/1 Khondoor
30/1 Fortune-Teller

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