This was run on the 28th February 1849 with heavy going and it was dull and cold. The time was 10 minutes 56 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 PETER SIMPLE Cunningham Mr Mason Jn.
2 THE KNIGHT OF GWYNNE Captain D'Arcy Captain D'Arcy
3 PRINCE GEORGE T Olliver Mr T Mason
4 ALFRED Wynne Mr Buchanan
also CHANDLER Captain Little Captain Little
also THE BRITISH YEOMAN Mr Beville Mr Elmore
also TIPPERARY BOY Burly Mr Terry
also MULLIGAN Ford Mr Westrop
also KILFANE Neale Mr J H Holmes
also CORIANDER Bally Mr E W Rudyard
also BALLYBAR H Bradley Mr Wesley
also KHONDOOZ Rackley Mr Tillbury
also THE CURATE Powell Mr Brettle
also PROCEED Captain Peel Captain Peel
also WOLVERHAMPTON Mr R Bretherton Mr R Bretherton
also ARAB ROBBER Phillips Mr Russell
also THE IRON DUKE Abbott Mr C Price
also THE VICTOR Taylor Lord Chesterfield
also SIR JOHN Mr Sharkie Mr Sharkie
also NAPOLEON Archer Mr J Bateman
also CHATHAM Frisby Lord Strathmore
also EQUINOX Moloney Captain Peyton
also JERRY J S Walker Mr J S Moseley
also SPARTA Wakefield Mr Bathurst
5/1 Prince George
6/1 The Curate
8/1 The Knight of Gwynne
9/1 Proceed
12/1 Wolverhampton
12/1 The British Yeoman
12/1 Alfred
20/1 Chatham
20/1 Peter Simple
30/1 Napoleon

I am very grateful to John Pinfold for the picture shown below. I can recommend Gallant Sport and An Aintree Dynasty, both written by John Pinfold. To purchase a copy of either book go to the Amazon Grand National store shown below.