This was run on good going and the weather was clear. The time was 9 minutes 57 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ABD el KADER Green Mr Osborne
3 SIR JOHN J Ryan Lord Waterford
4 TIPPERARY BOY S Darling Mr Hughes
also PARNHAM Abbott Mr Mangan
also MARIA DAY Rackley Mr Treadgold
also VENGEANCE Archer Mr Vever
also PETER SIMPLE Cunningham Mr Cunningham
also THE BRITISH YEOMAN Philpot Mr J Elmore
also RAT-TRAP Frisby Lord Strathmore
also THE CHANDLER Captain Little Captain Little
also THE VICTIM Taylor Mr Hassall
also SPRING BUCK Smith Lord G Kennedy
also THE IRON DUKE Hanlon Mr J Bell
also MEATH Neale Mr Harrison
also MULLIGAN Mr Westropp Mr Westropp
also ROY-DE-AISET Magee Lord Lurgan
also QUADRUPED G Arran Mr Cunningham
also LAUREL Mr Butler Mr Butler
also RAINBOW Dalby Mr J C Ranton
also EVERTON A Salt Mr D Lewis
also SHINSORE Bradley Mr Williamson
also THE OAKS Canavan Mr J G Murphy
also COLUMBINE T Olliver Mr Pocket
also SOBRIETY J Thompson Mr Sandford
also FISTICUFF Parr Mr J Nicoll
also HOPE Mr Hunter Mr Hunter
also KILKENNY Holman Captain Fraser
also LITTLE FANNY Fowler Lord Sefton
also JOHNNIE BARRIE Maitland Mr Laing
also PEGASUS Tasker Lord Seaham
also THE PONT Maney Mr R Brooke
5/1 Peter Simple
7/1 Sir John
9/1 Rat-Trap
12/1 The Knight of Gwynne
12/1 The Victim
15/1 Farnham
15/1 Vengeance
16/1 Chandler
20/1 Columbine
25/1 Maria Day
25/1 Little Fanny
30/1 The Oaks

I am very grateful to John Pinfold for the picture shown below. I can recommend Gallant Sport and An Aintree Dynasty, both written by John Pinfold. To purchase a copy of either book go to the Amazon Grand National store shown below.