This was run on good going and the weather was clear. The time was 9 minutes 58 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 MISS MOWBRAY Mr A Goodman Mr T F Mason
2 MAURICE DALEY C Boyce Mr Cartwright
3 SIR PETER LAURIE W Holman Captain Barnett
4 CHEIFTAN Harrison Mr Atkinson
also LA GAZZA LADRA J Neale Mr Goodwin
also WARNER W Archer Lord Waterford
also SIR JOHN J Ryan Lord Waterford
also ABD el KADER D Wynne Mr Osborne
also BEDFORD A Taylor Mr Chance
also McIAN J Sadler Mr R Jones
also PETER SIMPLE Mr G S Davenport Mr G S Davenport
also BOURTON S Darling Jr. Mr Martin
also DOLLY's BRUE McGee Mr Mangan
also SILENT FRIEND Parry Mr Courtenay
also LAMIENNE Meaney Mr J G Murphy
also VICTIM H Bradley Mr Gooch
also ROYAL BLUE G Stevens Mr Harding
also BEDFORD Ablett Mr Barling
also AGIS T Olliver Captain Little
also MARIA DAY J Frisby Mr Higgins
also CARRIG Debean Mr J Bourke
also EVERTON Hewitt Mr Elmore
also COGIA J Tasker Mr J Bird
also MALEY Connor Mr Henderson
6/1 La Gazza Ladra
9/1 Abd el Kader
10/1 Chieftan
12/1 Bedford
12/1 Sir John
30/1 Sir Peter Laurie
50/1 McIan
100/1 Royal Blue