This was run on good going and the weather was dull but clear. The time was 9 minutes 59 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 BOURTON Tasker Mr Moseley
2 SPRING W Archer Mr Barber
3 CRABBS D Wynne Mr J Henderson
4 MALEY Thrift Mr Henderson
also LADY ARTHUR T Donaldson Mr Delamarre
also HALF-AND-HALF Green Mr Bignell
also BURNT SIENNA Burrows Mr Slater
also PETER SIMPLE C Boyce Mr Bignell
also OSCAR S Darling Mr T Mason
also PETER R Sly Jr. Mr Linnell
also BEDFORD Eatwell Mr Burling
also LA GAZZA LADRA T Abbott Mr J Williams
also MAURICE DALEY T Olliver Mr Cartwright
also STAR OF ENGLAND W White Mr Blood
also GERALDUN Debean Mr Barry
also PRIDE OF THE NORTH R James Mr Olliver
also COCKCROW Maher Lord Waterford
also TIMOTHY H Lamplugh Mr A Salt
also ROYALTY Ennis Captain Rhys
also SHILLIBEER E Southwell Lord Sefton
4/1 Bourton
5/1 Maurice Daley
8/1 Half-and-half
10/1 Crabbs
12/1 Peter Simple
15/1 Oscar
20/1 Spring
20/1 Peter
25/1 Cockcrow
25/1 Burnt Sienna
40/1 Timothy