This was run on heavy going and it was raining. The time was 10 minutes 25 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 WANDERER J Hanlon Mr Dennis
2 FREETRADER Meaney Mr W Barnett
3 MAURICE DALEY R James Mr Cartwright
4 JANUS Lamplugh Mr Elmore
also DANGEROUS Fowler Mr Henderson
also THE NUGGET W White Mr C Symonds
also GARLAND Sly Jr. Mr Minton
also MISS MOWBRAY S Darling Mr T F Mason
also PETER Ablett Mr S Mansell
also NEEDWOOD Fech Mr B Land
also TROUT Tasker Mr Moseley
also HALF-AND-HALF Darby Mr Hutchinson
also BASTION T Olliver Mr Roberts
also ESCAPE Knott Mr Buchanan
also BOUNDAWAY J Bryne Mr Magee
also CUTAWAY C Boyce Mr A Salt
also MALEY Fulman Mr Henderson
also PIMPERN Weaver Mr H Lewis
also LITTLE CHARLEY D Wynne Mr C Capel
also BURNT SIENNA T Burrowes Mr Jenkins
3/1 Trout
4/1 Miss Mowbray
6/1 Dangerous
12/1 Needwood
15/1 Bastion
20/1 Maurice Daley
20/1 Peter
20/1 Little Charley
25/1 Wanderer
33/1 Janus
33/1 Garland

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