This was run on average going and the weather was clear. The time was 10 minutes 9 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 FREETRADER G Stevens Mr W Barnett
2 MINERVA Sly Jr. Mr Davenport
3 MINOS R James Mr G Hobson
4 HOPELESS STAR W White Mr Tyler
also LITTLE CHARLEY T Burrowes Mr C Capel
also EMIGRANT C Boyce Mr G Hodgman
also SIR PETER LAURIE S Darling Mr W Barnett
also JEAN DU QUESNE Lamplugh Barron C Lamotte
also FRANC PICARD Wakefield Baron C Lamotte
also THE PASHA D Meaney Mr Hurley
also SEAMAN F Martin Mr A McDonough
also THE FOREST QUEEN J Thrift Mr Harper
also JUMPAWAY J Hanlon Mr Denison
also THE POTTER Kendall Mr Barber
also THE BRITISH YEOMAN Mr Goodman Mr T F Mason
also DAN O'CONNELL R Archer Mr J Tayleure
also BANSTEAD Mr W Beville Mr Dixon
also VICTOR EMMANUEL Seffert Mr Pickering
also STAMFORD C Green Mr Hodgman
also LIVERPOOL BOY McClean Mr H King
also HARRY LORREQUER Fowler Mr J Henderson
9/2 Jean Du Quesne
5/1 Harry Lorrequer
7/1 Seaman
10/1 The Potter
12/1 Sir Peter Laurie
15/1 Forest Queen
15/1 Stamford
100/6 Emigrant
25/1 Freetrader
25/1 Minerva
25/1 Hopeless Star
25/1 Jumpaway
40/1 British Yeoman
40/1 Little Charley
40/1 The Pasha
50/1 Banstead

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