This was run on very deep going and it was raining. The time was 10 minutes 6 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 EMIGRANT C Boyce Mr Hodgman
3 TREACHERY Poole Mr T Hughes
4 WESTMINSTER Palmer Mr T Hughes
also DANGEROUS F Page Mr A Rice
also JEAN DU QUESNE H Lamplugh Count de Cunchy
also LADY ARTHUR Weaver Vis. Lauriston
also FOREST QUEEN T Donaldson Mr Harper
also ESCAPE Thrift Mr J Merry
also MINOS Mr Goodman Mr Mellish
also CASSE CON Johnson Baron Monuecove
also STAR OF THE WEST E Jones Mr J Colpitt
also HOPELESS STAR D Wynne Mr E Parr
also FREETRADER G Stevens Mr Barnett
also LITTLE CHARLEY T Burrowes Mr Capel
also GARRY OWEN J Ryan Colonel Dickson
also SQUIRE OF BENSHAM Mr Coxon Mr W P Wrixon
also RED ROSE J Hughes Mr T Hughes
also KING DAN Escott Mr Jennings
also MIDGE Mr Black Mr J Garnett
also ROMEO D White Mr T Hughes
also ALBATROSS Meaney Mr J Dennis
also STING Hanlon Mr J Cassidy
also MAURICE DALEY James Mr Laurence
also OMAR PASHA J Kendall Mr W Williams
also TEDDESLEY R Archer Mr Hylton
also FIRST OF MAY R Sly Mr Raxworthy
also HORNIBLOW Dart Mr T Day
100/15 Minos
7/1 Escape
9/1 Hopeless Star
10/1 Emigrant
12/1 Teddesley
100/7 Jeanne Du Quesne
100/6 Romeo
100/6 Omar Pasha
100/7 Little Charley
20/1 Forest Queen
25/1 Freetrader
25/1 Weathercock
30/1 Garry Owen
40/1 Maurice Daley
50/1 Dangerous
50/1 Sting

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