This was run on very deep, bad going and it was snowing with high winds. The time was 11 minutes 5 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 LITTLE CHARLEY W Archer Mr Capel
2 WEATHERCOCK Mr Edwards Viscount Talon
3 XANTHUS Balchin Mr Craven
4 MORGAN RATTLER T Burrowes Sir E Hutchinson
also CONRAD E Jones Mr Tempest
also ESCAPE T Olliver Mr J Merry
also CLAUDIUS Poole Mr J C Manby
also ABD EL KADER C Green Mr Briscoe
also JOE GRAHAM Rutherford Mr H Maxwell
also TREACHERY W White Mr T Hughes
also LOUGH BAWN G Stevens Mr Buchanan
also BLACK BESS D Wynne Mr T Bay
also LITTLE TOM B Land Jr. Captain Connell
also HARRY LORREQUER W Fowler Mr J Henderson
also GLENAMOUR Knott Mr H Maxwell
also MOIRE ANTIQUE F Page Mr J Henderson
4/1 Treachery
9/2 Lough Bawn
5/1 Little Tom
12/1 Harry Lorrequer
14/1 Conrad
100/6 Little Charley
100/6 Morgan Rattler
20/1 Escape
20/1 Black Bess
25/1 Abd El Kader
25/1 Weathercock
25/1 Moire Antique
33/1 Xanthus
33/1 Joe Graham

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