This was run on good going and it was clear. The time was 10 minutes 2 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 HALF CASTE C Green Mr Willoughby
2 JEANNE DU QUESNE H Lamplugh Viscount F de Cunchy
3 THE HUNTSMAN B Land Jr. Mr Land
4 MIDGE D Meaney Mr Garnett
also ANATIS Mr Thomas Mr Capel
also ORKONSTA G Stevens Viscount A Talon
also GHIKA C Boyce Mr Moreton
also ESCAPE T Donaldson Mr Merry
also WEATHERCOCK Enoch Viscount A Talon
also LITTLE CHARLEY T Burrowes Mr W Barnett
also XANTHUS F Balchin Mr Craven
also CLUADEUS T Olliver Mr J L Manby
also ACE OF HEARTS J Ryan Lord Waterford
also THE BREWER W White Mr T Hughes
also BORDER CHIEF Watling Mr H E Johnstonel
also JEALOUSY Kendall Mr Bayley
also GYPSY KING Edmunds Mr Slaney
also GIBRALTAR Armstrong Mr Hope
also FLATCATCHER T Holmes Mr Barling
also SPRING Nightingall Mr Barber
100/30 The Brewer
7/1 Half Caste
10/1 Jeanne du Quesne
10/1 Jealousy
100/8 The Huntsman
14/1 Little Charley
20/1 Escape
20/1 Ghika
25/1 Ace of Hearts
25/1 Anatis
33/1 Weathercock
33/1 Midge
33/1 Orkonsta
40/1 Spring