This was run on average going and it was cold and windy.. The time was not recorded.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ANATIS Mr Thomas Mr C Capel
2 THE HUNTSMAN Captain Townley Captain Hunt
3 XANTHUS F Balchin Mr W G Craven
4 MARIA AGNES G Stevens Mr Golby
also IRISH BOY Mr W Bevill Mr W Bevill
also BRIDEGROOM Mr Ekard Sir George Wombwell
also BRUNETTE Kendall Mr Barrett
also REDWING Rourke Mr Aylmer
also HORNIBLOW Enoch Mr H Blundell
also GOLDSMITH Ben Land Jr. Captain Hunt
also TEASE W White Mr Francis
also SIR ROBERT C Boyce Mr J Courtenay
also KILCOCK D Meaney My Aylmer
also TELEGRAM Palmer Mr Worthington
also MISS HARKAWAY Mr F Lotan Mr Barber
also THE CURATE G Eatwell Mr Burling
also SHYLOCK T Clay Major Owen
also LEFROY C Green Captain White
also CONGREVE Gammeridge Captain Clifton
7/2 Anatis
7/1 Tease
10/1 Maria Agnes
10/1 Xanthus
12/1 Irish Boy
100/7 Telegram
100/6 Brunette
100/6 Goldsmith
25/1 Shylock
33/1 The Huntsman
33/1 Sir Robert