This was run on average going and it was cloudy. The time was 10 min 14 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 JEALOUSY Kendall Mr J Bennett
2 THE DANE W White Captain Christie
3 OLD BEN ROE G Waddington Mr W Briscoe
4 BRIDEGROOM Mr FitzAdam Mr B J Angell
also XANTHUS C Boyce Mr W G Craven
also BRUNETTE Mr F Rowland Mr F Rowland
also KIBWORTH LASS Oliver Jr. Mr Manby
also ANATIS Mr Thomas Mr Capel
also DIAMANT Enoch Mr Manby
also BROTHER TO LADY'S MAID Harris Mr J Stokes
also THE EMPEROR Mr Goodman Mr D Briggs
also FRANC PICARD Mr Lamplugh Baron De La Motte
also MASTER BAGOT Mr Edwards Captain Little
also WEE NELL Knott Mr Mackey
also LONGRANGE R Sherrard Mr C Watts
also KILCOCK D Meaney Mr Bowbiggins
also REDWING Murphy Mr E J Gannon
also THE FRESHMAN Mr Blake Mr C Symonds
also THE UNKNOWN G Eatwell Mr Spencer Lucy
also THE CONDUCTOR Nightingale Mr G Hodgman
also DR LEETE W Mason Marquess of Hartington
also COCKATOO C Green Mr S Gooderham
also THE ROVER F Page Mr J S Wilson
4/1 Anatis
5/1 Jealousy
7/1 Cockatoo
8/1 Master Bagot
10/1 Old Ben Roe
100/8 The Emperor
14/1 Franc Picard
100/7 The Freshman
25/1 Redwing
25/1 The Bridegroom
33/1 Brunette
33/1 The Dane
40/1 Kilcock
40/1 The Conductor
50/1 Xanthus