This was run on average going and it was clear. The time was 9 min and 30 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THE HUNTSMAN H Lamplugh Viscount de Namur
2 BRIDEGROOM Ben Land Jr. Mr Angell
3 ROMEO Mr C Bennett Mr C Bennett
4 XANTHUS R Sherrard Lord Sefton
also BUCEPHALUS McGrillon Mr R Rowan
also ANATIS Mr Thomas Sir E Hutchinson
also PLAYMAN Nightingale Mr A Yates
also THOMASTOWN J Murphy Mr T Naghten
also WILLOUGHBY Mr H Lington Mr H Lington
also O'CONNELL J Wynne Lord de Freyne
also THE TATTLER C Boyce Mr W G Craven
also HARRY G Stevens Mr W W Baker
also THE POET Gatt Mr J Henry
3/1 The Huntsman
6/1 Thomastown
9/1 Anatis
10/1 Bridegroom
10/1 Harry
100/8 Romeo
100/8 The Tattler
100/7 Bucephalus
20/1 Willoughby
25/1 Xanthus
25/1 Playman
33/1 O'Connell
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