This was run on very good going and it was clear. The time was 11 min and 20 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 EMBLEM G Stevens Lord Coventry
2 ARBURY Mr Goodman Mr J Astley
3 YALLER GAL Mr Dixon Mr Briscoe
4 FOSCO Mr G Holman Mr G Holman
also AVALANCHE Palmer Baron de Mestnil
also JEALOUSY Kendall Mr Priestley
also MEDORA Mr F Rowland Mr F Rowland
also FRESHMAN Mr Edwards Mr W Maney
also THE DANE W White Captain Christie
also MASTER BAGOT Knott Mr W G Craven
also LIGHT OF OTHER DAYS Nightingale Mr W W Baker
also INKERMAN Mr Smith Mr W E Dakin
also THE ORPHAN Mr W Bevill Mr J C Tilbury
also TELEGRAPH G Waddington Mr Campbell
also BIRDBOLT Mr Spence Mr Spence
also REAL JAM D Hughes Mr T Hughes
3/1 Jealousy
4/1 Emblem
100/12 Medora
10/1 The Dane
100/8 Master Bright
20/1 Real Jam
20/1 Yaller Gal
20/1 Light of Other Days
25/1 Arbury
33/1 Avalanche
40/1 Fosco

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