This was run on very good going and it was bright and clear. The time was 11 min and 50 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 EMBLEMATIC G Stevens Lord Coventry
2 ARBURY B Land Mr J Astley
3 CHESTER W White Mr Dalton
4 THOMASTOWN J Murphy Mr T M Naghten
also OCEAN WATCH W Reeves Captain Lamb
also REPORTER Mr Dixon Mr Fiddaman
also SIR WILLIAM Mr Davison Mr T Iven
also JERUSALEM Mr Edwards Mr W Murray
also HARRY Cassidy Count Cossett
also BANTAM G Holman Mr Aspinall
also WEE NELL Knott Mr T Hunt
also LEONIDAS C Boyce Captain Machell
also SERIOUS CASE G Waddington Mr T S Dawson
also ROMEO F Martin Mr De Gray
also LITTLE BAB Pat Igon Mr W Murray
also PORTLAND Mr Goodman Mr H Matthews
also SANTANELLA D Meaney Marquess of Drogheda
also BELL'S LIFE Griffiths Major Wombwell
also IRELEY Mr Blake Mr B J Angell
also NATIONAL PETITION J Monaghan Mr J Lanigan
also REAL JAM D Hughes Mr T Hughes
also BRIAN BORHOIME Poinons Mr Lawrence
also MARTHA J Land Mr T Wade
also MISS MARIA J Holman Mr H Melville
also SILK AND SATIN Jarvis Mr Spark
9/2 Jerusalem
5/1 Bantam
10/1 Emblematic
11/1 Real Jam
11/1 Serious Case
12/1 Portland
12/1 Wee Nell
20/1 Ocean Witch
30/1 Bell's Life
33/1 Thomastown
33/1 Martha
33/1 Romeo
40/1 Arbury
40/1 Ireley
40/1 Chester
50/1 Reporter
50/1 Harry