This was run with snow on the course but the weather was clear. The time was 11 min and 16 seconds.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ALCIBIADE Captain Coventry Mr B J Angell
2 HALL COURT Captain Tempest Captain Brown
3 EMBLEMATIC G Stevens Lord Coventry
4 MISTAKE Jarvis Mr F Jacobs
also MERRIMAC B Land Captain Tempest
also FLYFISHER Mr J R Riddell Mr Powell
also EMBLEM W Walters Lord Coventry
also JOE MALEY D Page Mr Hidson
also ACROBAT W Mumford Captain Machell
also MEANWOOD Knott Mr Harvey
also ARBURY C Boyce Count A de Dampoerre
also EXPRESS Mr D Collins Mr D Collins
also LIGHTHEART J Monaghan Mr A W Clayton
also PRINCESS DAGMAR G Holman Mr H Melville
also PHILOSOPHER E Jones Mr Turner
also STANTON G Waddington Mr Harvey
also TUMBLER Mr Drake Captain J White
also TONY LUMPKIN Mr Thomas Colonel Forster
also BALLYCASEY T Barton Mr J A Read
also FRESHMAN D Meaney Mr W H Whyte
also THE CZAR Mr Goodman Mr Goodliffe
also MARKET GARDENER Mr T Spencer Mr Sefton
also THE DWARF Igoe Mr Studd
5/1 Emblematic
100/12 Joe Maley
9/1 Stanton
100/8 Princess Dagmar
100/8 Emblem
100/8 Arbury
100/7 Alcibiade
100/7 Tony Lumpkin
20/1 Lightheart
20/1 The Czar
25/1 The Dwarf
33/1 Merrimac
40/1 Freshman
50/1 Hall Court
50/1 Meanwood
50/1 Acrobat

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